Accident Management

From a former police traffic background we are sadly, well versed in dealing with Road Traffic Collisions from 'first response' to 'coroners enquiry'.  We have a particular interest in the involvement of motorcycles and can offer some especialised assistance as follows...



Accident Reconstruction on Three Levels

1  File review for recommendation

From our previous experience in dealing with road collisions and more particularly our expertise in motorcycle related issues we will review accident files and make recommendations to proceed or offer additional options to continue investigation


2  Accident scene evaluation

We will review physical evidence or visit and reconstruct road collision scenes for consideration or presentation to court.


3  Video reconstruction for evaluation / court

Following a review of the file we are able to 're-run' the circumstances leading to the collision at varying speeds with recommendations for consideration to proceed


Evidence Preparation for Service or Court

Having reviewed or provided additional evidence we will prepare that information for service and/or presentation to court


Accident Investigators Motorcycle Appreciation


Information will be set out for the customer to ensure that requirements are satisfied prior to commencement of training. The purpose of this course is to provide background information for Road Traffic Collision investigators dealing with motorcycle collision claims.


The course will be of one-day duration and cover the full spectrum of current motorcycle training as it should be delivered in the UK to provide experience regarding what a novice motorcyclist should have experienced and be aware of.

The course will then go on to cover current 'Rider Development' opportunities within the UK and information which is available on a voluntary basis. This will be extended to include information regarding current advanced riding associations and qualifications.


The candidates will then be taken out on the public road as pillions to give 'real-life' experiences of what riders could know and more importantly what many of them do not know. This will highlight what riders could do if trained and more importantly what riders actually do through ignorance.


We guarantee a truly unique experience which will give the candidates a privileged perspective on motorcycling and motorcyclists which is shared by relatively few people.


Rider Development Training for the Insurance Industry


We are able to deliver any motorcycle training or risk assessment for your riding staff and customers alike to meet duty of care or to reduce future liability of insured persons


If you are a solicitor acting for a rider, Insurance Company covering the loss or uncertain individual, you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best chance of staying safe in the future. We will put you back in the saddle safer than when you had your accident and more often than not as a better rider.


Post-accident re-habilitation training


Statistically, following involvement in a road collision, motorcyclists are likely to be involved in another incident within the following twelve months, at the very least be unsure about returning to motorcycling, although the desire may well be strong.


We will put you back in the saddle safer than when you had your accident and more often than not as a better rider.


Solicitors, through Insurance Companies will recovere, all physical losses etc... BUT rarely consider the psychological scars and future risk of the rider.


We can conduct a rehabilitation training course to build confidence, raise skill levels and minimise the potential of future accidents or injuries.


If you are a solicitor acting for a rider, Insurance Company covering the loss or uncertain individual, you have an obligation to your customer to give them the best chance of staying safe in the future. Speak to us about getting your client back in the saddle safely. 


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Courses and training designed for you to achieve maximum effect.


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Advanced Motorcycle Training Isle of Man - May (Nearly Full) & September (filling fast)

What's new?

Accredited Trainer for Instructors wishing to join the Register Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers

New initiative for the Department for Transport.



"Never too good to be a better rider"

Mike training with Chaz & Alan Davies
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New Course Available from RoSPA

RoSPA have recently announced a one-day rider development course based around three candidates. 










"Why am I telling everone about this"? "Simple", "Its 'brilliant' and I'm one of their team who deliver it".  Read more...

Motorcycle Instructor Insurance

Governments new directives for new riders and instructors

2013 will see the introduction of the new directives for motorcycle riders and instructors.

Corporate Manslaughter Act

Corporate liability for companies using drivers and riders. Click to find where you stand as an employer.