Advanced Bike Rider

 Motorcycle rider development takes many forms.  This is the first advanced riding course where a formally recognised advanced riding qualification and certificate can be achieved.


Three days is normally the minimum requirement to achieve advanced rider status. The first day will be identical to the one day enhanced rider course. Days two and three will develop your skills further to not only make your riding more enjoyable but, less stressful, more efficient and a whole lot safer. At the end of the three days you will have the option of taking a formal advanced riding test.(not compulsory)


The three-day course can be easily extended for candidates wishing to improve even further. This course also provides the ideal platform for a motorcycling mini break, training in any chosen area or district by mutual arrangement with your instructor and co-student, staying away in tried and tested accommodation overnight.



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Advanced Motorcycle Training Isle of Man - May (Nearly Full) & September (filling fast)

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Accredited Trainer for Instructors wishing to join the Register Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers

New initiative for the Department for Transport.



"Never too good to be a better rider"

Mike training with Chaz & Alan Davies
No yellow here on tour with Alpine TT

New Course Available from RoSPA

RoSPA have recently announced a one-day rider development course based around three candidates. 










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Motorcycle Instructor Insurance

Governments new directives for new riders and instructors

2013 will see the introduction of the new directives for motorcycle riders and instructors.

Corporate Manslaughter Act

Corporate liability for companies using drivers and riders. Click to find where you stand as an employer.