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Motorcycle rider development takes many forms. The best way to find out 'what it's all about' is to sign up to a police motorcycle workshop weekend known as 'BIKESAFE' It is a conduit to further learning delivered by all but 7 police forces in the UK where police motorcyclists will share with you what they have learned before introducing you to an advanced motorcling group in their area with whom they work closley with the delivery of the workshop.


Bikesafe will only recommend you to either IAM, RoSPA OR Registered Professionals on the DVSA Register for Post Test Motorcycle Trainers.

Rider Development

"Why am telling everyone about this?"   "Simple,"

"Its 'brilliant' & I am one of their team who deliver it".

Whether you have just passed your motorcycle test, are working towards your advanced test or aiming for your National Diploma, this is the ideal course to help you along the way.

This new course will enable you to spend the day with one of the most highly qualified civilian motorcycle trainers available, and is ideal to help achieve your training goals, whatever level you are already at.

Course Summary

Delegates will receive an individual riding assessment followed by tailored rider development advice and practical coaching to enhance your riding enjoyment and safety on the road.

What are the benefits?


  • Course will be tailored to each delegates individual needs following a needs analysis conducted by RoSPA’s training development team
  • Preparation for the Advanced Test
  • Improve advanced riding level
  • Improve riding skills for increased confidence

Who should attend?

  • Any rider wishing to improve riding skills and confidence
  • Anybody wishing to take the Advanced Riding Test
  • Anybody intending to complete the National Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction

There are many advanced riding groups and associations who make their test available to members of the public and our training director Mike has worked with all of them over the years still representing some of them today.  They include...


Institute of Advanced Motorcyclist (IAM)

British Motorcylists Federation (BMF Blue Riband)

Driving Instructors Association Advanced Motorcyclist (DIAmond)

Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency - Cardington Special Test (DSA) 

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents(RoSPA)

There are lot's of places to go and ways to take Advanced Motorcycle Traning at a time , over a period, to a budget and to a standard to suit yourself. If you have not yet embarked on developing your knowledge and skill, you won't believe just how much there is to learn and what a difference it will make to your future motorcycling pleasure.  

My advice would be to do your research and spend your money wisely to make the most of Advanced Motorcycle Training.  Advanced Motorcyling Groups such as the IAM, RoADAR etc is a popular way to go,  it's cost effective and provides an excellent social aspect to your learning joining other 'like-minded' riders who will have been through the same process and continued as 'volunteers' within the group learning to pass on their knowledge as Observers of Tutors. There are many fine trainers within that system. 


 'Ya pay's ya money and ya take's ya chance'.

The highest professional civilian qualification for an Instructor delivering Advanced Motorcycle Training is RoSPA's National Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction which is also one of the few routes to inclusion on the DVSA RPMT. Consult the register or RoSPA's list to make sure your instructor is at the top of his trade.


Our director of training Mike Addison is one of the only six Instructor/Examiners engaged by RoSPA to deliver the National diploma in the UK and one of only three to deliver in the EU and has trained advanced instructors for over 10 years.


Watch Mike work with Alan Davies, Chaz Davies and the Department for Transport on their new campaign 'Never too good to be a better rider' or contact him with your enquiry on the contact page.

There have been many and varied definitions of what constitutes an 'advanced rider'.  Most advanced rider groups use the police riders manual as their bible which has been developed over many years and in short they are agreed that it is 'the ability to control safe progress' which we will train you to do and let you decide IF or WHICH test you would like to take.


Riding to the 'system of motorcycle control' you should never be involved in an incident which is your fault, short of an act of God, as you are in control.

A good theoretical knowledge of 'The System of Motorcycle Control' is absolutly essential when deciding to embark on training.  This is the current edition of 'Roadcraft' The Police Motorcycling Manual which is actually in the best shape it's ever been although still not a million miles from where it began.


HOWEVER 'Take heed!' a good theoretical knowledge is ONLY THE STARTING POINT.  The job of a good instructor is to share that knowledge and assist you to reach a deep understanding of the ways in which you can apply that theory.  Only when you fully understand the theory will you be able to take  control and manage the development of your own skill. 

We have 'fully qualified' advanced instructors to take you to any level you wish to achieve in any way you want to achieve it.  Please see our intensive group courses.


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Courses and training designed for you to achieve maximum effect.


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Advanced Motorcycle Training Isle of Man - May (Nearly Full) & September (filling fast)

What's new?

Accredited Trainer for Instructors wishing to join the Register Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers

New initiative for the Department for Transport.



"Never too good to be a better rider"

Mike training with Chaz & Alan Davies
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New Course Available from RoSPA

RoSPA have recently announced a one-day rider development course based around three candidates. 










"Why am I telling everone about this"? "Simple", "Its 'brilliant' and I'm one of their team who deliver it".  Read more...

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