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The ONLY accredited training course in the UK covering ON & OFF road training tailored to meet any local or regional Health & Safety requirements for any agency, it is fully accredited and certified by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. (RoSPA)

 The military have been using these machines very effectively in 'combat zones' for many years and are a valuable and complimentary addition to their 'off-road' capability. Many emergency services maintain the same capability using 4x4's in areas where it is proven to be an operational requirement to move personnel or equipment such as foreshores and fells.


Current operator safety courses for quad bike riders are 'land-based', designed for the agricultural use of ATV's which do not cover or accredit any on-road based training or accreditation for service users in emergency environments or situations. This course has been specifically devised to standardise the training of emergency services quad bike riders both on-road and off-road based on former emergency services experience.

Featured here is Rick WOOD, Head of RoSPA Fleet Training in action with Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service 'anti-social behaviour' & 'arson reduction' teams who use their machines to access difficult areas to engage with local youngsters.


In recent years they were in attendance in the National Trust nature reserve on the Sefton foreshore with more than fifteen appliances for over three weeks fighting a subterranean peat fire, thought to be caused by young revellers with an illegal bar-b-que.


Emergency services are required to operate on the public roads with 'road-legal' and 'fully road-legal' machines as well as 'off road', often in locations where members of the public are present and so riders are therefore subject to and generate higher risks to all.


This requires a higher level of training and understanding to safely address their working environment. Designed to include both 'on' and 'off-road' elements in an emergency service operational environment, this course includes elements of operators dynamic risk assessments and responsibility to their own safety and that of others present.

Here the course has been adopted by a Police Driving School and officers train initially at the 'public order' training venue for the basics before completing the 'on-road' elements and later to safely go where no officer has gone before. With proper training and deployment on these vehicles officers can easily, quickly and safely reach and patrol those difficult areas where problems occur.


The full training syllabus is comprehensive and can include the use of ‘equipment trailers’ which not only carry the vehicle to and from locations but can also be towed by the quad bikes operationally. The course can be tailored to meet any requirement by any agency wishing to adopt their use to develop corporate ‘standard operating procedures’.

Tailored to meet any local or regional Health & Safety requirements for any agency, it is fully accredited and certified by RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). Other agencies might include R.N.L.I., Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard, National Trust, and Forestry Commission etc...

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