Isle of Man Advanced Training Tour


Motorcycle rider development takes many forms.  This is the page for the Isle of Man Bike Rider - Advanced Training Tour. Since the beginning of this century we have been offering our customers the opportunity to enjoy a five-day mini break, with their bike and visit the fantastic undisputed capital of motorcycle road racing.


These trips have become increasingly popular, with a high proportion of re-visits and repeat bookings by riders wishing to share their experience with different friends. We work closely with the Isle of Man Government and the Isle of Man TT Marshals Association.

During this mini-break not only will you ride the course with a running commentary related to the TT racing, you will receive bike-to-bike advanced riding instruction around the famous island TT circuit and parts of the island that few visitors ever see during the race events.

 Anyone who has visited the Isle of Man during TT fortnight will already know how hectic the event can be. Whatever your interest in bikes, there is an organized event taking place somewhere on the island to cover it. Finding the event and managing your time and location to correspond to those events is no easy task.

You will visit places on the island that few visitors get to enjoy.


Over 37 miles of superbly prepared and maintained road through every type of environment imaginable, a guaranteed variety of weather conditions and temperatures all in one circuit. No cat's eyes, anti-skid road markings and amazingly, the national speed limit in the Isle of Man is 'unlimited'.


That means that, within the bounds of sensibility and providing conditions are suitable you will ride without restrictions at 'appropriate' speeds for progress and extend your 'comfort zone' legally.

Included is a guided tour of the island and all its wonders, geared to a return visit to the TT when you will know exactly what takes place where and when. We work closely with the Isle of Man TT Marshals Association and on Wednesday evening they treat us to a fantastic insight to their duties and experiences of the TT.


Usually at least one of the racing 'gods' from the TT Travelling Marshals team share their experiences not only as former racers but their life as a TM. Truly not to be missed.


Thursday gives you the opportunity to experience night-time riding. Not many riders choose to go out at night but this experience will see pitch-dark conditions along the coast and over the mountain. (not compulsory)


Our instructors ALL have a minimum qualification of the coveted RoSPA National Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction. We can assure participants that, whatever the case,  their standard of riding and awareness will improve significantly no matter what standard you are before this trip.

Where will we stay?

We have been well looked after for many years now by Rose & Theo at the Arrandale Hotel, Douglas which is a stones throw from Douglas promenade. It is fully licensed with a warm friendly atmosphere. The proprietors do anything they can to make our stay enjoyable. The Arrandale is staggering distance for all nocturnal activities in Douglas. ( There is no shortage of things to do but you should be aware that this course is rather intense and you may have no energy left in the evenings for anything else.

How many riders is the tour open to?

Normal advanced training courses will consist of no more than two students to an instructor. This ensures quality instruction to an advanced standard. We have enough instructors to cope with large groups subject to early bookings.



Our regular courses in May and September run with around ten candidates but if you would like to organise a bespoke trip for your own group we can easily arrange one just for you.

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Advanced Motorcycle Training Isle of Man - May (Nearly Full) & September (filling fast)

What's new?

Accredited Trainer for Instructors wishing to join the Register Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers

New initiative for the Department for Transport.



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Mike training with Chaz & Alan Davies
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New Course Available from RoSPA

RoSPA have recently announced a one-day rider development course based around three candidates. 










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