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Instructor Insurance Explained...        Should I have it? - Am I adequately covered? - What cover should I get? - Where can I get it?

Below are some types of insurance cover explained for Approved Training Bodies with the DVSA but this page is really aimed at 'post-test' mototrcycle instructors. I have been involved in the motorcycle training industry for over 20years and have heard all kinds of reasons why 'post-test' trainers seem to think that they don't need special insurance.  It's true that there is no legal requirement for motorcycle instructor insurance cover and if nothing goes wrong and nobody makes a claim then it's just like a parachute if the plane doesn't crash.


There are also lot's of trainers out there who think they have adequate insurance cover because they are members of certain training organisations and have free 'professional indemnity insurance' included in their membership.  BEWARE, I have learned 'too my cost' that most of them DO NOT cover you if there is an injury involved and let's be honest why would anybody want to make a claim if they have not been injured.




I don't need it because I'm not really instructing... I am an 'assessor',  'observer', 'tutor' or 'whatever' WELL, trust me when crap happens,  if it looks like a DUCK, walks like a DUCK, sounds like a DUCK...  Guess what? the man with the wig will say,   "IT'S A DUCK".


There are those out there that think they are covered automatically as a condition of their membership to some organisations. If you are engaged in any way giving advice or training you really should read the small print as you may find that you are covered for anything that might not happen and certainly NOT if injury occurs.

I have been insured with Devitt since the beginning.  They are a bepoke insurer for the training industry and have the only 'Professional Indemnity' cover that I have come across which covers you even when someone sustains an injury.  As a 'Devitt Afiliate' please use this to make enquiries and claim you discount.  Even if you are operating within a club or group, you really should have your club secretary check the terms of the insurance and contact Devitt to arrange proper cover for group members.


Because Devitt have been dealing with the motorcycle industry including deaership cover for so long they are perfectly placed to arrange bespoke cover even if you just require riding insurance.  Many companies will refuse to cover you if you are using the bike for tutoring but Devit understand the risk.  Use the link and get a quote, you may just be surprised.

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Motorcycle Instructor Insurance

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