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Motorcycle rider development takes many forms.  Safely incorporating motorcycles into the business fleet is a simple but necessary step. Many companies have attempted to use motorcycles in the past and found that accidents and mis-use has made their application untenable. This is mainly due to lack of proper planning in the implementation.


It is really not wise to simply identify a member of staff with a motorcycle licence, buy them a machine, then send them on it to do a job. This can, and usually does, end to tears!


Planning and implementing motorcycles requires careful consideration, proper
budgeting and setting the ground rules and criteria for success.


As productivity is usually increased by between 25 & 75% the pay back is enormous, and it is a sad fact that companies who fail to plan properly put these very attractive benefits in jeopardy. Motorcycles are not beneficial because they are fast; they are beneficial because they are not impeded by traffic congestion, not subject to congestion charging, are fuel efficient and are easy to park.


As a former police motorcyclist and instructor for over 20 years. Now retired, I am now a self-employed Advanced Motorcycle Instructor, member of AIRSO (Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers) and consultant examiner/advisor with RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). I am engaged with all aspects of 'rider development', 'road safety' and I specialise in 'Response Motorcycling' and 'Road Risk'.



The idea of private companies responding to calls using motorcycles is a particular passion of mine and for several years we have been involved with the implementation and development of exactly such schemes both with the emergency services and private companies wishing to have staff attend to calls safely, more efficiently, combat congestion, reduce attendance times etc.


The success and effectiveness of these projects hinges on 'safety' and 'training' which is exactly our field. The use of motorcycles are generally dismissed on 'safety' grounds with management or unions identifying such problems.We focus on the solutions for these problems.


Some of the projects, we have been
involved with previously or ongoing are outlined below...





  • Motorcycle Accident Claims Management Companies
  • Fire & Rescue Service ASBO and Arson Reduction Teams
  • Bike Magazine – Britain's Ultimate Rider Challenge
  • Police Driving & Development Training
  • Police 'Bikesafe'
  • Breakdown & Recovery - Motorcyclist Project
  • City Council Parks, Gardens and Open Space Motorcycle Patrols
  • County Council Road Safety events
  • (Inst/Ex)RoSPA National Diploma Courses for Advanced Motorcycle Instructors
  • Blood Bikes Merseyside (Rider Training)
  • Fire & Rescue Service 'Firebike' Project
  • Rapid Response Rider - Shop front engineer (London)
  • Wide Load Escort Rider Training (Channel Islands)
  • Rapid Response Rider - Gas Leaks (London)


If you are an employer using staff on motorcycles or a professional rider conducting your employers business using a motorcycle which includes riding to and from work, your employer has a duty of care to ensure that adequate measures are in place for your safety.


These measures include an appropriate 'risk assessment' and any training to ensure your personal safety. We can help you fulfil those obligations to meet current legislation. Don't bury your head in the sand, following the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act, it's too late after the event and may cost a lot more than just money.

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New Course Available from RoSPA

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Motorcycle Instructor Insurance

Governments new directives for new riders and instructors

2013 will see the introduction of the new directives for motorcycle riders and instructors.

Corporate Manslaughter Act

Corporate liability for companies using drivers and riders. Click to find where you stand as an employer.