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Bill Carden 

Mike is a very professional person; I have worked with him, his company and his advanced motorcycle groups several times over the past few years.

It has always been a pleasure and good fun attending and presenting to the motorcycle groups Mike brings to the Isle of Man. 

I highly recommend Mike and his company.

Bill Carden 
(Former Company Chairman, Isle of Man TT Marshals Association Ltd)


Anthony Forkner


Registered manager at Content Care Ltd


I attended an Advanced motorcycle training course run by Mike and his company on the Isle of Man in 2009. Despite my being deaf, Mike always took the time to ensure that I had understood what he was teaching and was always good humoured and 100% professional.


As a result the course was highly enjoyable and successful for me. When my motorcycle developed problems on the return journey, Mike escorted me to a place where it could be fixed, despite atrocious weather. Above and beyond the call of duty!

Neil (Warrington)

"Mike took me from a very nervous new motorcyclist to riding the TT circuit 5 months after my test. His skill at communicating is key to him imparting his considerable safety and control skills. All the training was fun, extremely valuable and crucial to staying alive.


My wife's comment after my training with Mike was that it all seemed smoother and safer. I cannot recommend Mike highly enough. 10 years on from his training, my wife and I have getting on for 100,000 miles across Europe on the bike under our belts.


Training with Mike was the best biking investment we made."


Neil (Warrington)

David Appleford (London)


Brethren All,


Please find enclosed e-mail from Mike Addison who is a senior motorcycle instructor who arranged a touring holiday in IoM, which I attended this year. Mike is an exceptionally gifted motorcycle instructor and I can highly recommend his services.


His e-mail is self explanatory and if any of you would like to take him up on his offer please contact Mike directly. 


S&f Greetings OGRIII Rocket iii


Regards David A

Gwyn Pritchard (North Wales)


"If any motorcyclist out there is toying with the idea of advanced motorcycle instructor training, then be sure to choose the right place and, most importantly, the right instructor. I've just a had an exhilarating couple of days.  What I expected to be a rather rigid, boring event turned out to be exactly opposite. There were three of us, an Irishman, a Welshman and an Englishman but this was no joke. We were there for RoSPA Diploma training.  What a pleasant surprise!  It turned out to be a lot of learning fun. The Instructor-Examiner, Mike Addison had that unique and motivating personality with an ability to recognise strengths, identify weaknesses and cultivate confidence on so many levels. His portrayal in role-playing characters brilliantly demonstrated great skill in acting 'imperfections' and underlying causes. 


The whole course was based around us as learners not like the old fashioned, outdated teaching. The concentration was on creating a learning environment, identifying learning styles and building on strengths.  No boring Instructor where Power Point and Roadcraft exsanguinates from every orifice. A teacher genuinely interested in seeing students progress from the known to the unknown and leave there with better people skills and advanced riding instruction techniques.  There were challenges, not lectures, with seeds planted to grow into strong analytical skills, a fairness towards students, reality with reasonableness and the ultimate objective to develop a foundation of excellence in advanced motorcycle instruction."


So if your out there wondering whether advanced courses are for the 'Clairol for Men' & 'Sam Brown' belt brigade, for those with chrome RoSPA and IAM badges next to photos of the Grand-kids and a copy of Roadcraft in every room, think again. Make sure you contact Mike Addison and find out that it's really cool to learn advanced motorcycling skills.  Better still, take an Advanced Motorcycling Instructors Course and let others learn from you - it's a great feeling.


Gwynn (North Wales)

John Yates (Wigan)


After completing my 2 day diploma course in November,  l would like to reflect and write a couple of lines about the experience.


On the course we had me (an Englishman) Dave Stears (an Irishman) and Gwyn Pritchard (a Welshman) along with up to 15 other people all in the one body of Mike Addison. that ranged from a 19 year old super racer, to an elderly man that just need a pee.  Some only appeared for a short time and then left. They were from all walks of life from a Van driver to a pilot. But the body of Mike stayed the same.


On my 2 days did I have fun yes. Did I learn stuff yes. Did I work stuff out in listening and learning from others and have self-realization moments yes



John (Atherton GMC)

James Bryan (Yorkshire)


Mike  --  A thank you from me to you and your colleagues for last weeks excellent tour and instruction bean feast .


I'm sure that you are aware of the quality you have amongst your team , but it will not hurt for me to record my appreciation of their skill levels and ability to teach a crusty old dog new tricks !


I'm going to apply to ROSPA to turn my advanced training into a BTec , and am looking to attend an Instructors course in the near future - so our paths may cross again .


In other parts of my life I'm involved in instructing , coaching , teaching and mentoring , and I'm aware of the demands that such roles place upon you . You and your colleagues met everyones' expectations and did that whilst a mixed bag of individuals were piloting unstable machinery around unknown territory - you all deserve medals - whatever you are paying yourselves , it's not enough !


All the best , and again , thank you .  --  Jim .

David Whittaker (Yorkshire)


Thanks again to all the team for a great week.  I don't know if my success has gone to my head, but I had to buy a bigger helmet at the weekend and I no longer nod to other riders until they flash their RoSPA certificate to prove they are worthy!  Seriously, I will be trying to keep this achievement in perspective, I know I have plenty more to learn, so I am already thinking about my next training tour.  What do you have planned for next year in France?
My copy of Bike magazine was waiting for me at home, including the feature on the ultimate rider challenge that you judged.  Some good photos but the quote from Matt Hull (page 73) might take a bit of explaining!
Are you going to be posting some photos on your website?
All the best,
David Whittaker

Willy Miller (Aberdeen)


Hi, Mike

I'm home, and just about got my feet back on the ground.  What a fantastic week!

Am raving about it to anyone that will listen.  I hope these photos arrive ok.  There's nothing special, but I thought you might like a look.


When I got home, the latest edition of 'Bike' was here.  I opened it up and saw a familiar face!  It looks like I will have to book early for next time. I don't know if he'll remember,  but if you see Martin, could you tell him what was wrong with my bike?  It was not pulling over 7000 revs on Thursday.  This morning I started stripping it, and found my neckwarmer stuffed into the air intake!


When you gave us the snoods, I put the neckwarmer into the only available space under my seat.  Maybe you should include maintenance for dummies, when I come back.


Thanks again for a great week, I've met some great folk, whom I hope to see again, and certainly keep in touch with.


Hope to see you again when I make it back to the island,  but if you're up this way, cry in for a cup of tea, a bed for the night, or a base from which to explore Scotland.


Cheers, Willie.

Nick Readman (Aberdeen)


Hi Mike,


Thanks for the course – really enjoyed myself and will be looking at doing it again next year.  Managed not to fall off again between Liverpool and Scotland, so must have learnt something I guess!!  


Whilst over there I was talking with Martin about the oil usage of the Fireblade and he mentioned that there was a fix coming out from Honda for it.  I’ve forgotten what he said it was related to – if you get a minute can you ask him about it and maybe drop me a one liner just to jog my memory? 




Nick Readman
QA/QC Engineer

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