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training for the Department for Transport, World Supersport Champion Chaz Davies and QI's Comedian Alan Davies on the Never too good to be a better rider campaign


IAM magazine puts a slightly different slant on Chaz Davies



Mark Colling traveled the world to take the best training available. RoSPA DfS instructor/examiner Paul Mostyn conducted the five-day course and Mike went to St Albans to conduct his final examination.  Read what Mark had to say about the standard of training.



Mike traveled to West Yorkshire for RoSPA to conduct a two-day diploma course in advanced motrocycle instruction.  Read what the candidates mad of it all...







Many of you will know or have read stuff by Simon Weir, deputy editor of RiDE magazine.  I have worked with Simon on many projects.  He has bee a National Motorcycle Diploma Diploma holder for many years and when he heard that RoSPA had changed the format and educational value of the course he was determined to be re-tested with the new criteria and travelled accross to spen the day with me around St Helens as he was re-tested.


Needless to say he qualified yet again and continues to add something special to RiDE magazine always with a healthy respect for 'safety'. Read what Simon has to say about it all.   It might not be sexy but it sure as hell is great fun.




During a meeting with BiKE magazine deputy editor Steve Rose discussing another project he was telling us about his '7 days' series where he writes about visiting different places for 7 day's.  He hadn't consiered the Isle of Man so in return for arranging and taking him there to join us on one of our taining tours he aggreed to write and article about us.  The result was 14 cnadidates, the biggest group we ever had.  Seven returned again with us, five went on to become instructors and three went on to tak their diploma's.




The RoSPA National Motorcycle Diploma attracts candidates from all over the worl.  Pictured here alongside Mike with Alan Meadows from St Helens is Zafir Under who travelled all the way from Istanbul to get his qualification.





Deputy editor of BiKE magazine decided to come with us on one of our regular trips to the Isle of Man so we could show him round, he could road test the new KTM adveturer and our customers got to report on it too.  Altogether a great week,

You may remember back in 2008 when BiKE magazine ran their 'Britain's Ultimate Rider Challenge'.  which began with over 300 competitors being challenged to complete various disciplines in a 'knockout' competition to find Britain's Ultimate Rider.  Numbers were whittled down to eight for the penultimate round and Mike was asked to be one of two judges on 'fast road-riding'  Of course he accepted and Mike used his contacts in the Isle of Man to run the competition over there.


One competitor was in fact a Manx GP racer but although it was on his home circuit, he found it completely different on an open road.  Back issues avaialable from BiKE magazine.



It was a tough job but somebody had to do it.


Imagine, two days in the Isle of Man sponsored by Susuki and BiKE following each competitor in turn on one full lap of the world famous TT circuit to assess which of them performed best on an open road in order to select the final four competitors to go through to the final round.  


We had a great time and managed to set up some other interesting projects for BiKE magazine whilst we were there.

RoSPA National Motorcycle Diploma Course North West


The National Motorcycle Diploma Course for Advanced Motorcycle Instructors is now available in the North West of the UK which includes North Wales.

The motorcycle diploma has become the course of choice for many individuals seeking to develop their skills, credibility and qualifications as a whole both on a personal level and for established professionals working within the ‘Road Safety’ Industry and ‘casualty reduction’ in general.


May, this year saw the pilot course at Alexandra Business Park in St Helens, Merseyside the once hectic headquarters of the ‘Pilkingtons Glass’ empire, now re-branded and populated by many businesses in an exclusive, executive business park. Since then we have held tow further courses including a two-day conversion course for previously qualified diploma holders to ‘convert’ and qualify for inclusion on the Driving Standards Agency Register for Post-Test Motorcycle Instructors (RPMT)

St Helens offers easy access to some excellent locations for breaks and briefings during the riding sections of the course, joined together with a variety of roads through some of the most popular and scenic areas in the region. The close network of motorways offers great variety with ease. Belmont Moors in nearby West Lancashire, the leafy lanes and country trunk roads of North Cheshire and the city traffic of Liverpool are a stones throw away.


The course is not exclusive to St Helens, nor are the dates ‘set in stone’, our course co-ordinator, Sarah Bishop, is happy to discuss requirements and where there are several delegates associated with a common agency or body, providing the facilities are suitable the course can run from other locations.


In October our course took place at the North West Hyperbaric Centre in the Wirral and believe it or not, delegate Zafer Unden took the prize for distance travelled as he attended from Istanbul.

The advanced motorcycle training industry is evermore discerning in its quest for quality instructors. The initial Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and Direct Access (DAS) qualifications are seen as only the start of the learning process, with further specific and continued professional development training required to ensure that instructors reach their full potential.This course is also an accredited route for instructors wishing register for the DSA – RPMT.


In line with the ‘BTEC’ scheme this course also offers holders existing advanced driving/riding skills the opportunity to upgrade their certificates to a nationally recognised professional qualification. The BTEC qualifications are recognised by the ‘Ed Excel Foundation’ and demonstrate that a national standard has been achieved. The BTEC qualification recognises practical skills rather than asking for the production of extensive workbooks, offering a more flexible route of certificating prior achievement and learning.


To be eligible to attend this course you should have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • The Highway Code
  • Instructional theory
  • Motorcycle Roadcraft


You will also have demonstrated a high riding standard (RoSPA Gold, Silver or equivalent


Here Delegate Shane Kennedy acts as supervisor whilst Paul Beattie puts his client through his paces, in the form of course instructor Mike Addison, acting in character. 


The course examiner Fred Muffett travelled down from his home region less than half the distance he is used to when he travels to Headquarters in Birmingham.


You don’t have to be from the North West to attend, you may just wish to visit the region and all-comers are welcome. 


Also in October the first of the Diploma conversion courses took place when colleagues Jim Bryan and Willem Louw (originally from Johannesburg) travelled from Yorkshire.  Both were successful and apart from a minor misunderstanding about the name of the hotel (sorry guys) they enjoyed the experience.( see article from Jim Bryan)


Please visit for details and please feel free to contact Sarah Bishop ( at RoSPA for any enquires.


By Mike Addison

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Advanced Motorcycle Training Isle of Man - May (Nearly Full) & September (filling fast)

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Accredited Trainer for Instructors wishing to join the Register Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers

New initiative for the Department for Transport.



"Never too good to be a better rider"

Mike training with Chaz & Alan Davies
No yellow here on tour with Alpine TT

New Course Available from RoSPA

RoSPA have recently announced a one-day rider development course based around three candidates. 










"Why am I telling everone about this"? "Simple", "Its 'brilliant' and I'm one of their team who deliver it".  Read more...

Motorcycle Instructor Insurance

Governments new directives for new riders and instructors

2013 will see the introduction of the new directives for motorcycle riders and instructors.

Corporate Manslaughter Act

Corporate liability for companies using drivers and riders. Click to find where you stand as an employer.